The time of the year has arrived, and a tasty little treat is available daily, but you better plan on a little strategy and certainly work on your timing. Yes, it is Wild Raspberry Season!

During most of the warm weather days throughout the year, this thorney, twisted, overgrown, bee-infested weed looking plant is a nuisance. Tangling anything that is in its path with wild shoots seeming to jet out into the yard overnight, as fast as you trim it, it grows back bigger.

Well, all that annoyance gives way at this time of year to the wonderful fruit that taunts you through the thorns, but you are far from the only one looking to harvest some of the sought after crop, hence the caution in the first line of this post. Seemingly every bird within 100 miles is well aware of the exact moment the fruit will be ripe enough to eat. The aerial assault is only paused by the gangs of squirrels running in for the sweet treats, which then sidelines for the random flock of turkey that show up and devour every spec of remaining red fruit in a matter of minutes.

Although it may be humorous to read, the reality is I have seen the ready fruit from the early morning window view….. Made a cup of coffee, put my shoes on and grabbed a close-by bowl to carry my prize….. Only to get to the bush with not so much as a trace of anything remaining. It happens so fast that we actually laugh at how nature beats us to the punch most of the time.

So, with some persistence, being on the ready and planning some early mornings, and maybe with a little luck, you can get there first and grab yourself a nice little cup full on a daily basis for the next couple of weeks.

Good Luck & Enjoy.

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