Well this is an interactive post… meaning it would be helpful for input and opinions from those who view it by telling your story about your experience with a pet, good or bad, it will all be helpful.

With most people working from home in today’s world, there seems to be an enlightened interest in getting a pet. The old “lifestyle” excuse has gone by the wayside to possibilities of adding a pet to the mix. But what to get? A dog, a cat, a bird or one of the multitude of other options out there. Some may find certain animals adorable and loving while others, well..not so much. Do you go the companion route or focus on security. Do you choose the low maintenance pet or one you can take on runs to fit with your exercise routine. What special things do you need to know before making a decision. If you are in the thought process of a dog or cat, do you get a pure breed or a rescue, should it be big or small. What cautions are there. What if the dog destroys the house and eats the couch when we go grocery shopping.

Cats. they seem to kinda do their own thing most of the time. They can go in and out of the house by themselves, they certainly have a full range of personalities, but how do you know if its the right choice

There are so many animals to choose from. Dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, Goldfish, Guinea pigs, birds, snakes, lizards etc. And then the stuff. Alot of stuff. Food, toys, treats, medicines, where do you start

Some stories would be helpful in making a decision. Please click on the “CONTRIBUTE” tab and select “PETS” category…… your story will appear here for all to see. And don’t forget to upload a picture of your pet to go along with the story.

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