As a wonderful break to a cold winter spell, picking a nice day to explore really rejuvenates your senses and wellbeing. Local treasures are everywhere and very enjoyable if you just take a few hours to check them out. One of those treasures on Long Island is Connetquot State Park; just a short trip and located right off of Sunrise Highway lies a hidden gem that is an absolute must do.
Walking through the wooded landscape, listening to the hypnotic sound of the babbling brook leading to the fish hatchery certainly makes the stresses of everyday life seem to disappear. It doesn’t matter if you’re a nature lover or not, absorbing the sounds, smells and sights is greatly beneficial to the senses and will make your overall attitude much better.

If you’re lucky, and quiet walking, there is also plenty of wildlife to see; from deer, squirrels and birds to the beautiful trout that fills the waters of Connetquot Brook that winds through the property. The banks are well know from local Fly Fishermen and nature enthusiasts alike; a great photo spot and maybe even a getaway for having a bagged lunch or thermos of coffee on one of the wooden picnic tables neatly scattered throughout the grounds.
Patrolled by the New York DEC, the park feels very safe and is impeccably clean. Enjoying a few hours of a beautiful day with a friend or alone is a must do, and very rewarding. Enjoy!

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